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BFP is a jazz trio from Marseille (France).


Born in 2005, those three friends met and bonded over the music of Benjamin Faugloire, the pianist and composer. Denis Frangulian on double bass and Jérôme Mouriez on drums complete the band.


Jérôme Mouriez | Drum


Benjamin Faugloire | Piano, composer


Denis Frangulian | Double Bass


The music genre is deep jazz but not only. The musical culture of these three musicians goes from Coltrane to David Bowie, from Radiohead to Oscar Peterson and from Hans Zimmer to Portishead. Very inspired by pictures and movies, the trio’s music is a journey into their lives and their emotions. This is a new kind of jazz trio where jazz improvisation meets disco, pop or classical styles. But make no mistake, the unity of the music is really there, as strong as the three musicians’ friendship.

The unity of the music is really there, as strong as the three musicians' friendship

They recorded their first album PREMIÈRE NOUVELLE in 2008. Their first tour took place essentially in France but also in Germany.


Their second album, THE DIVING (2012), was met with critical acclaim for the trio. Big tours took place in France, Germany and Ukraine.


Their third album, BIRTH (2016), is a concept album that tells a story through 10 songs. Tours were done in France, Germany, Ukraine, China, Russia, Cyprus, Morocco…


Today, they release L.


Première nouvelle | 2008


The Diving | 2012

BIRTH 2016.jpg

Birth | 2012

L 2020.jpg

L | 2021

More than ten years after BFP creation, three recorded albums and many tours around the world, the trio comes back to present the 4th album: a succeed, successful and flagship album.

"L" marks a frank evolution in Benjamin Faugloire's style: if it confirms his personality and his emotivity, it nonetheless refined here even more and focuses on the essential. Indeed, he avoids  conventions and makes fun with form or style: Only the narration counts.


The trio just reached a level of cohesion and musicality unmatched until now. Spontaneity of playing and improvisation, strong moments, unforeseen silences, as much risks as a united trio like BFP can accomplish with so much control and flexibility. The whole with the precision and the colorful writing from the pianist.


"L" is one of those albums that gives you chills, makes you cry and laugh, brings you back to your childhood memories, your love stories... It is also one of those jazz albums where skills of musicians can shine but always for a speech: this is one of these albums which should lead this trio to the top of the bill.

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